Block Producer App Coalition

The EOS Block Producer App Coalition (EOS BPAC) is a global alliance of five leading developers utilizing the EOS blockchain. BPAC represents the stakeholder community of EOS smart contract developers. By taking the unprecedented step of reinvesting 100 percent of all profits derived from block production back into the EOS developer community, BPAC will foster greater innovation among EOS developers while driving faster, more global adoption of the EOS operating system.

An EOS Block Producer Candidate

The EOS Block Producer App Coalition (EOS BPAC), headquartered in Los Angeles, is a global alliance with five founding members: BLOCKv, a smart token protocol; SpringRole, a protocol for professional attestations; WAX, a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace; White Rabbit, an ICO discovery and indexing platform; and Workcoin, a decentralized platform for freelancers.


We take the responsibilities conferred upon block producers by EOS token holders seriously and will deploy the significant profits generated from block production to:

  • invest in a robust set of developer tools making it easier to write to the EOS Blockchain
  • create an open and transparent marketplace of freelance resources available to the EOS developer community via Workcoin
  • index, classify and enhance the discovery of EOS apps
  • reinvest in the infrastructure that keeps the EOS open-source protocol running quickly and efficiently
  • promote a truly global vision for the EOS community through our network of developers around the world

Founding Members



Reeve Collins

Founder, BPAC | Co-Founder & CEO, BLOCKv

Reeve has been a long-standing pioneer in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space and is currently creating an entirely new economy around digital goods as co-founder and CEO of BLOCKv. BLOCKv provides an innovative platform for the creation of a new asset class of virtual goods called vAtoms. vAtoms are interactive smart objects on blockchains that, for the first time, enable true ownership, scarcity, and programmability of digital goods. Prior to that Collins was co-founder and CEO of Tether. His efforts revolutionized the way currency is transacted by creating the world’s first fiat currency platform on the Bitcoin blockchain.


Kartik Mandaville

Founder, BPAC | Founder & CEO, Spring Role

Kartik co-founded SpringRole in 2014. SpringRole is a blockchain powered protocol for attestations. He is also a Technical Advisor at Science Incubator, and their blockchain arm, in California. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Masters from the Language Technologies Institute focusing on Big Data, Machine Learning and NLP. He has been invited to the White House to discuss immigration reform, won multiple hackathons, and been invited to a closed door meeting with President Obama.


William Quigley

Founder, BPAC | Co-Founder & CEO, WAX

William Edward Quigley is CEO of OPSkins, the world’s largest marketplace for video game virtual items and CEO of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)​, the first decentralized marketplace for trading those items. He is also Managing Director of Cashel Enterprises​, a cryptocurrency focused investment vehicle.


Kurt Braget

Founder, BPAC | Founder, White Rabbit

Kurt is a full-stack developer, product expert and hodler. He has worked on 100’s of applications. Prior to founding White Rabbit, he has held roles of a CTO and lead developer on projects out of In the blockchain space, Kurt has worked on many apps, including Talkchain (now Geekchat), one of the first Bitcoin chat apps on mobile, and Blockfolio. Kurt’s digital currencies journey started in 2012 when he learned about Coinbase. Kurt is also fluent in Mandarin.


Fred Krueger

Founder, BPAC | Founder, WorkCoin

Fred Krueger is a serial entrepreneur based in Santa Monica CA, and is the CEO of WorkCoin, the first complete decentralized freelance platform on the blockchain. Before WorkCoin, he founded Adconion, a large Internet Ad Network, iWin, an early leader in Internet Games, and MMX, a leader in the top level domain space.

Technical Infrastructure

Our BP network will scale servers and RAM as needed to maintain optimal throughput as the EOS network grows. We will continuously monitor performance metrics and proactively upgrade resources to solve for bottlenecks of performance to the chain.


Applications Grow EOS

BPAC is focused on the app community. When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone App Store on July 10, 2008, there were 500 applications available. As of today, the store features over 2.1 million apps. Applications, and application developers, are the lifeblood of platforms, such as iOS, Android, and EOS.

BPAC is an open coalition of decentralized apps that intend to launch or focus on the EOS Platform. Founded by BLOCKv, SpringRole, WAX, WhiteRabbit and WorkCoin but with an open membership model, we intend to give voice to the application stakeholders on EOS.

BPAC will also offer a deep set of developer tools and infrastructure to benefit the EOS developer community. BPAC and BLOCKv are introducing application developer tools and programmable tokens “vAtoms”.

Developer Network

As a block producer, BPAC will dedicate its proceeds toward a number of initiatives within the developer community, including conferences, hackathons, app discovery tools and other educational opportunities that foster growth within the EOS network. By reinvesting in the community, BPAC aims to promote a truly global vision for the EOS blockchain while accelerating adoption of the EOS operating system.

We maintain maximum network flexibility and constant communication with the EOS community (via the official EOS BP & Testnet Telegram channels) to integrate ever-evolving industry best practices. Our single node testnet is up ( and we have joined the registered testnet with the @EOSGO launch group.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, BPAC has founder and technical operations teams based in Bangalore, India, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Santa Monica, CA. Through its ties to the worldwide EOS developer community, BPAC is uniquely positioned to take on a leadership role within the EOS ecosystem, facilitating communication and promoting best practices among EOS developers around the world.

BPAC Developer Conference

To demonstrate its commitment to developer community support, the coalition will host the first BPAC Developer Conference, targeting mid-November 2018 in Los Angeles (LA). The conference will showcase the top EOS-based decentralized apps and highlight the benefits of building on EOS. It will also demonstrate the use of a robust developer toolkit that makes it easier to write to the EOS blockchain (including programmable tokens “vAtoms”), and educate developers on how to monetize decentralized autonomous applications (dApps).


Community Benefit Project

Our goal is to support developers and users of EOS. One of our first objectives is to educate and support developers who have built on Ethereum with transitioning to EOS.

We provide free educational resources to developers, available online and at meetups throughout the world via our app coalition network. We build free tools, via BLOCKv, for developers looking to build on EOS or move their tokens from Ethereum to EOS. Additionally, we are working with state governments in India to setup blockchain training for students.

In addition, BPAC is building and and will maintain an EOS application directory for all applications being built on EOS.


BPAC aims to create an environment to develop the developers. Our focus is on how to best nurture and support dApp developers in a manner that offers unbiased aid. We believe that dApps are essential to a strong blockchain and will provide assistance to those trying to develop and launch dApps. Any developers needing assistance will always be greeted with a welcome.

Dividend Position

EOS BPAC will not offer payment in any form to voters for any reason. Our updated policy is always available at our website Each of the five founding BPAC members has equal ownership.